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We’re getting a lot of requests for cross-applier support, but neither of us have much experience with that appliers are the most common/popular.

Are there any names/brands in particular we should be supporting? Feel free to send me the scripts they use inworld, so we can port them in in time for V1.1 c:

Get in touch with the person who runs the omega system.

Alternatively, ask the creator of the Wowmeh. Since she seems to have given up on her body due to a DMCA, she might just give you the relay channel.

I actually managed to butcher some slink appliers and get the UUIDs out simply by opening up the notecards, so you can try making a notecard convertor for Slink? I think this is a terrible applier system if it lets the customers view the UUID’s though….

Oct 06, 2014

∞ Real Sneaky, Utilizator.



Real sneaky….

The snapshot below shows an overlay of 2 legs. The pink overlay is a leg made by my good friend, Frick Finkler. Her Kawaii Legs to be exact.

The leg it’s on top of, is the animal leg on the extremely popular, Utilizator Kemono avatar, made by Utilizator Mode.

Frick’s leg date of…

omg I had Frick’s kawaii legs ! Didn’t realise that they look so same ….. Oh my god I hope this isn’t the stolen stuff >_< pls tell me this is not QoQ

If you are okay with Utilizator referencing them, or being very similar, you are fine. The wireframes are definitely not the same. I bought the legs to compare. It’s not too visible in these images, but there are a couple places where the curves don’t line up (around the feet, since the feet are very different, Frick’s calves are slightly meatier, the curve from the calf to the ankle on Utilizator’s is more subtle, and the kawaii legs are symmetrical on both sides, while the kemono legs  have calves that bulge outwards slightly and are flatter on the insides.

I really wish that this issue was addressed in PMs between Frick and Utilizator first :C Even if something was stolen, it’s not good to make drama over it if it can be solved with conversation. Obviously both people put work into their product, and I don’t want either product to be taken down.

Sep 03, 2014



For some reason a bird speaking Japanese is mildly off putting.

> Literal translation

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”]

Bird: “Okay, I understand!”

Owner: “Got it.”

> That’s clearly some sort of Pokemon.

> Off-putting? It’s like birds were meant to speak Japanese!

> For some reason it’s never occurred to me that birds can mimic languages other than English. It’s so cool, though!

That is insane


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Jun 21, 2014

I bought a Pokemon Center Mega Absol plush a while back. It is very soft- all of it, even the claws and the fluff, is made of minky fabric. The body is stuffed fairly densely, so it stands, but the wings and some other parts are stuffed less so they are squishy.

In case you were wondering:

- The tail is not stuffed, but seems to have some batting in it that allows it to stand up.

- One of the front paws is a little skinny. I think I have seen this in other people’s pictures, and I am not sure why this happens.

- Sturdily built. Even the things stitched together, like the hair to the fluff and the fluff to the body, will probably not come apart.

- It does have another eye under the hair! And it’s just as nice as the visible eye.

- The small horn is not stuffed. It does stand up because of how small it is, and I’m not sure if you would want to stuff it.

- It is on the small side.

- All the fur on the minky fabric actually points the way it should. You can run your finger across it and it won’t feel strange.

Overall, if you like Absol and you want a plush, this is a good one. For its size, it is on the pricy side. But it is made well enough to justify much of this cost, and the rest is shipping fees.

I got my plush from shiyon-jp on ebay. Make sure your seller is from either Japan or the US before purchasing, and if the price looks too low, don’t buy it - I haven’t seen bootlegs of this plush yet, but it is possible.

May 13, 2014

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